Coffee Brewing Guides

Galactic Coffee Roasters

Brewing Methods


1. Measure between 16-17 grams (2 1/2 tablespoons) of coffee and grind to a texture similar to table salt

2. Remember to rinse off AeroPress filter with warm water prior to adding your grounds

3. With the same warm water you can heat up your mug

4. Toss the excess water that was used to rinse off filter, now add your 17grams of coffee

5. Start a timer once you begin to pour your boiling water (200-210F)

6 Saturate grounds for about 10-15 seconds

7. Mix the coffee once you have reached the #4 marker with water

8 Around 1:15 remove seal, make sure to stir and now gently press steadyly for 2 minutes


1. Prep and preheat 700 grams of water

2. Please Chemex Filter with 3 folds towards the spout and a single fold away from the spout

3. On a scale weigh 56grams of fine coffee (7-8 Tablespoons)

4. First, wet filter with warm water on Chemex and pour out the excess water.

5. Pour ground coffee on the Chemex Filter and make sure it is flat

6. Saturate grounds with 100 grams of water for 1:30 seconds

7. After the 1:30 seconds has passed add the balance of 600 grams of water slowly pouring the water in a circular fashion

8. Wait around 6 minutes

9, Remove filter, serve and enjoy


1. Remove portafilter from espresso machine, clean out any residue of coffee, dry the portafilter

2. Measure and grind 18grams of coffee as fine as sugar

3. Tap the portafilter once or twice to remove any air pockets

4. Prep the espresso machine by purging all lines, also running water through the grouched ensures you all is working fine

5 Place portafilter back into the espresso machine and press start

6 The Espresso Machine should only run for 22-26 seconds

7. Enjoy

French Press

1. First step is to fill the French Press with warm water for about 1 minute.

2. Measure 56 grams (8 tablespoons) of coffee and grind it with medium grind setting

3. Add about 1 inch of water then stir

4. Add 6.7oz of water per tablespoon

5. Press

6. Serve cold or hot

Hario V60

1. Measure 12grams for 120 grams of medium-fine grounded coffee to water ratio

2. Fold filter and place on dripper

3. Rince filter with boiling water for about 10-15 seconds

4. Pour out excess water from rinse

5. Pour your 12 grams of coffee into filter, flatten surface of coffee by shaking lightly

6. Pour some of the boiling water slowly in a circular motion from the center outward until coffee is saturated

7. Let it stand for about 30-35 seconds

8. Slowly pour remains water in the same spiral motion as before, remember try your best to not pour the water on the filter itself only on coffee

9. Remove dripper and Enjoy!