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Honduras Marcala Coffee - Central America **Organic**

Honduras Marcala Coffee - Central America **Organic**

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“Honey Process” indicates how sticky the coffee beans can get during processing, and it yields a sweet, fruity taste depending on how long it’s developed based on the amount of mucilage and drying times. It has a complex mouthfeel halfway between a washed coffee and a naturally-processed coffee. Honey processing is divided into subdivisions: yellow, red, golden, black, and white honey.

 Female-owned farmland, 18 Rabbit paved the way for organic and biodynamic farming practices––the farmers regenerate the soil used for their agriculture. It’s because of their unique fermentation and dedication to the environment that they placed top 10 for Honduras’ Cup of Excellence. 

The 18 Rabbit Yellow Honey Process is sometimes referred to as semi-washed––it’s fermented for less than eight hours––when de-pulped, the beans are strained and put out to dry.

 Cupping Notes: Mild floral notes that carry over into the flavor, very sweet, creamy body with honeysuckle flavors.


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